Segna's API are for users who need full control of their importing flow. To find out more about our prebuilt Data Importer component, that only takes minutes to set up and integrate into your app, click here!

Getting Started

There are two Base APIs that need to be called to complete a data importing flow (referred to as running a Job):

  1. Start Job
  2. Run Job

Start Job begins the importing process, taking in initial configuration (such as the Pipeline to run the Job through) and computing metadata from the input data. Run Job then process the data with the specified configurations, and pushes the data to the output destination specified by the Pipeline.

However, between these two required APIs, you have complete reign to change the configurations on-the-fly through the Configuration APIs. These configurations can be as simple as selecting a sheet from an Excel Workbook, to combining columns and pivoting the data.


With these APIs, you can create complex data processing flows from either the Frontend or Backend, as well as building your own UI. Our Data Importer is built upon these very APIs!

API Authentication

All requests to Segna APIs are authenticated using API Keys. Pass in the API Key with the X-API-KEY header.

Getting your API Key

You can find your API key by going to Setting -> Account Details and copying the 44 character key found next to "API Key". You can refresh the API Key at any time.